Fraternities & Sororities

Although we are the youngest Greek council, we continue to grow each year with the addition of new members and new organizations. The following four organizations are the current multicultural greek organizations at Clemson University:


Hermandad de sigma iota Alpha, Inc.

In the Fall of 2014, the Beta Eta chapter of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc. was established at Clemson University as the first multicultural greek organization. We continue to be the First and Only Latin-Based sorority at Clemson University and strive to promote the awareness of the Latino culture. The Lovely Ladies that stand for awareness of the Latino culture, promote sisterhood & diversity, leadership, and strive for academic excellence & achievement.

Lambda theta phi latin fraternity, inc. 

In the Fall of 2015, the Delta Nu chapter of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. was established at Clemson University as the second multicultural greek organization and first latin based fraternity. Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. provides the Latino college male with the opportunity to be part of something greater than himself. Lambda Theta Phi’s mission is to develop brotherhood, academic excellence, leadership, unity, and pride in one’s self. Through this brotherhood we not only want to encourage each other to succeed academically and professionally, but also to forge a brotherhood and bonds that will transcend our time here at Clemson University.

Delta phi lambda sorority, inc. 

In the Spring of 2016, the Clemson Sigma Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. was established at Clemson University as the third multicultural greek organization and is the first and only Asian-interest sorority in South Carolina. Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. advocates Asian awareness and empowers women leaders through its values-based programs and everlasting sisterhood.

pi alpha phi FRATERNITY, inc. 

Most recently, the Clemson Chi Chapter of Pi Alpha Phi was established as an Asian-American Interest Fraternity founded on the pillars of Academic Excellence, Asian American Awareness, Brotherhood, Leadership and Philanthropy. Our mission is to spread awareness of Asian culture and promote equal representation of Asian Americans at Clemson University. 

Our long established tradition of brotherhood was established in 1929 at the University of California Berkeley. The fraternity of Pi Alpha Phi was founded by six unique individuals: Mr. D. Wing Tom, Mr. Wing Chan, Mr. Elmer Leong, Mr. Chack Chan, Mr. Tim Jang and Mr. George Lee. They wanted to establish an organization that would be based in the bonds of friendship, mutual experience, academic excellence and brotherhood. The name Pi Alpha Phi was derived from the initials of the Greek Phrase meaning: "to advance through brotherly ties; the thirst for learning".